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About Me

Performance connects us to others. It allows us to see and be seen; it is essential to my work as a culture maker. My practice is threefold:  I teach,  I produce, and I create experiences. As a teacher, my approach is rootedin the forms I have spent a lifetime studying; Clown/Mime (influenced by my time studying at the Ecole Jaques Lecoq in Paris); lip-synch, affect and queer aesthetics (influenced by the drag scene and queer underground); and ethnic/queers studies in pop-culture (as part of my PhD Training in Performance Studies at UC Berkeley).   As a producer, I shepherd  emerging artists and companies  through the process of curating and manifesting creative work that helps illuminate our complex world.  

For three years, I had the honor of working as the Theatre and Dance Director at an established  arts organization in Providence, RI, AS220, committed to access, community engagement and arts presenting. Here, I managed a spectrum of festivals from punk to family friendly to  to underground Queer Arts curation. I now continue this work as  a freelance director, producer and arts administrator. 

My oeuvres artistically also exist as a triad. As both a cultural critic and a scriptwriter, I gravitate toward stories at the intersection of social movements and outsider antiheroes;  I currently have three plays and two TV/radio pilots in development. As a director and maker, I tend to focus on revisionist retellings  of classics (i.e Greek Tragedy, Moliere). As a culture-bearer and activist, a portion of my work is site-specific and transpires  in museums, art galleries, and in the street as "social practice art". 

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